I read a very interesting article from the Rothschild stable the other day, which focused on the power of the internet and world wide web (they are different). Fascinating and illuminating.
Some key points emerged from the fact that the web is now 20 years (yes that’s all!) old.

Access to information - pricing is transparent and things we used to pay for are free
Lower barriers to entry - small businesses and good ideas are now scalable
Cutting out the middleman - what role the broker?

The concept has changed the way we live, work and communicate forever. Change will get faster.
Harley has some assignments which is great - but in sum, pretty much every business I see, is in some form of change management process and to a certain extent, this is why I have set up HarleyPartners (plug! and why not?).

At times of change folk need a trusted friend, a counsellor, a sounding board.
The time and help to work on the business, not just in the business.

Give me a call - some folk already have!

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