I could not help but notice Robert Peston’s article (excellent), on the BBC website economics section.

I think he writes better than he sounds (sorry), but the points are well made. We still live in a very fragile economic environment.

We are playing catch up with debt and are in a killing ground. The statistics are scary.
Interest rates - what are they going to do? if base rates go to 1% - it is an increase of 100% - I personally see them staying relatively low for some time to come and I wonder how sustainable or affordable property prices in London are?
Fuelled by foreign money (flight capital? emotive words!) the purchasers will have little loyalty to the UK.
I would be heading for the outer suburbs of Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester,Glasgow (hi daughter) and Cardiff (hi big son).

At times like these, I perceive you need a cool hand on the tiller (KBO as Churchill used to say) and keep the debt coming down. But we must borrow to expand faster? I would be very cautious right now and be more concerned about provenance than gain.

Easter was wonderful for a number of reasons - sunny on the Isle of Man - news at 10 on Sunday 20th April - delicious!
Precisley a year on from another “HOTS” weekend.

What will David Cameron do about his bankrupt ex quango leaders and their carrying on, whilst bragging about their intergrity and family values! pip pip! It could turn you into a liberal - yee gods that would be a struggle!

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