This is not true!

Why would the Isle of Man wish to re-enact a bloody conflict that took place in 1275, at which the Manx were routed by a Scottish army led by John de Vesci of Alnwick?

The battle led to the death of Godred VI, Magnusson and the Isle of Man came under Scottish rule, for at least the next 10 (maybe 20) years.

So what, you might say?

Well the Battle of Ronaldsway actually took place on the 8th October but the Scottish referendum will take place on the 18th September 2014.

I think they will lose, (do not underestimate the power of nationalism - sadly!) but might they win a pyrrhic victory over Mann?

There is talk of low income tax and self-determination for Scotland - there will be other sops from Westminister.

Where would you rather live and have your business - the Isle of Man or sophisticated Edinburgh or Hipp Glasgow? I know where I would rather be, but it is huge competition.

This is not heresy, nor a toady up to the Chief Minister, but in my view Alan is right on the money!

We need to be alert to this threat, control our costs and martial our resources.

Edward the III is not around to help us out and the Duke of Cambridge was a student at the University of St Andrews.

So expect the Unexpected, but in the meantime smell the Redex!

It’s just fantastic!

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