Many businesses could benefit from an outside view and a helping hand—it creates space to think, to work “on” the business and not just “in” the business.

Our combination of careful listening and proactive action makes more things possible. We solve problems.

The nature of our work has an element of lending a hand to anything, so a list of specific services offered will never be exhaustive. It's always worth asking how we can help you.

Communication (or lack thereof) can be a massive issue. We mentor and break down the disconnects between teams, stakeholders and managers, allowing information to flow more productively within the company.

We work hard to refresh teams without threatening them, to solve problems and act as a catalyst for controlled change. We will look at a businesses' aims and aspirations, help join up the dots and make things happen.

With our many connections, where needed, we can buy in legal, tax or accounting advice economically. Our relationship with these professionals and understanding of their expertise allows us to give clear and efficient instructions, adding value and efficiency for both sides. Getting access to the best in class, either individually or collectively, can quickly give a business the ultimate project team.

It is so important to have an active financial department that really understands the business. We can provide those services for you, analyse what is required, offer advice and take action on your behalf.

If you need a suitably qualified Independent Non Executive Directorship that will ask the right questions and will both challenge and support, then look no further—you've found us.

Here are some examples where HarleyPartners can help a business take control of difficult situations:

A business in the fiduciary services arena. Out of the blue arrives a writ alleging that one of the companies they have been providing services to is engaged in wrong-doing. They're sure this is untrue, but the writ has arrived on a Friday afternoon, freezing the company's assets. HarleyPartners can step in and help deal with the crisis, allowing the business to continue to focus on what it does best.

A company needs to launch a new subsidiary or organise a presence in a foreign country; or an organisation is a major shareholder in a company that it wishes to sell. The situation, including stakeholders and key relationships, needs to be carefully analysed. The strategic and important issues need to be identified and all the processes need to be ironed out. Professional advisers need to be consulted and all the while the company has to continue with business as usual. HarleyPartners make sure you get it right.

A business has been under-performing, but they're not sure why. There may be a number of divisions and a suspicion that one or two are being carried by the rest. HarleyPartners will investigate down to the finest detail, providing you with a clear review and plan to maximise success.

If you would like to read more examples of our work, please check out the Experiences section of our website.

Choose us

Extensive MD experience in financial services

Other specialist knowledge, skills and expertise

Network of experienced alliances and partnerships

Innovative connected thinking

Intelligent sounding board


Dedicated to providing excellent client service

30+ years experience of Isle of Man business community

We have particular experience of:

  • Strategy formulation and implementation
  • Management mentoring and skills development
  • Corporate governance
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Shareholder support
  • Project management and business partnering
  • Back-office optimisation
  • Business process improvement
  • Pre-purchase, sale or M&A due diligence assistance
  • Litigation support and negotiation
  • Alliance development and technical marketing
  • Deal support
  • Executive reporting systems
  • CRM / Customer experience
  • Independent strategic business views to stakeholders or senior management
  • Business health checks and development
  • Strategy and support
  • Executive business support
  • Crisis management and problem solving
  • Planning and control mechanisms

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